Webtrends Testimonial

“We have used Kensei Partners to train our worldwide sales force twice on the Basho Sales methodology. In today’s challenging economic times, training such as Kensei’s is even more critical as it focuses on not just the standard sales training techniques, but emphasizes relevant prospecting, smart use of time, how to conduct perfect meetings, the uber-important give and get scoring of real potential customer partnerships and the ultimate close. I have personally been trained and coached in a half dozen other methodologies, and Kensei is by far the best.

To date, what has resonated most is the “why you, why now” breaking down the door techniques, and with Kensei’s tutelage we have created a multi-million dollar pipeline directly attributed to this.

We recently completed the customized give/get scorecarding, which allows our sales people to use both art and science throughout the sales process to ensure the deal is on track and not lopsided to our perceived benefit (column fodder) or the customers benefit (sales people acting like subservient dogs).

This methodology will be integrated into our entire sales process so that we ensure the score is even, as that is when you have a true partnership forming and not just a deal done. It also cuts down on wasted cycles on weak potential customer partnerships, as well as makes pipeline reviews streamlined because everyone is speaking the same language (Account Executive and Management).

I highly recommend Kensei and their consultants who have the unique ability to relate to sales people and get their attention through credible comedy – the results stand on their own.”

– Michael Gear, VP of Sales